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Carnival of Dogs and Cats – November 26, 2010 Edition

Welcome to the November 26, 2010 edition of Carnival of Dogs and Cats.

Animal Lovers in the News

Danette M. Schott presents Help! S-O-S for Parents | Special Needs Children and the Benefits to Having a Pet posted at Help! S-O-S for Parents.

Sara Coolidge presents 24 Fascinating Blogs for Following Zoo Reform posted at Veterinarian Colleges, saying, “There’s major changes going on at zoos all over the world. As global warming chases animals out of their natural habitats, more zoos are looking to care for new animals they never before featured. This means making major adjustments and renovations to zoos who may not be equipped to take on additional animals or certain species based on its living needs.”


Jessica presents cat on roof -AGAIN! posted at bright heart singing.

GrrlScientist presents How the leopard got its spots | Science | guardian.co.uk posted at Punctuated Equilibrium, saying, “A new study shows why leopards and other big cats are spotted, striped or melanistic — all black. In short, big cats’ patterning and pattern attributes evolved in relation to their ecology and behaviors.”

Patti Lecron presents HERE COMES THE SUN by P.B. Lecron posted at A French Education, saying, “Kitty Quatorze: a royal mouser at Versailles.”

Darcy presents Mac Attack posted at Of Winds and Water, saying, “The craziest cat I have ever met.”


Zunayn presents Pets & Animals Care: How To Stop Your Puppy Jumping Up posted at Pets & Animals Care.

Joy Randel presents Trick or (Dog) Treat: Home Cooked Dog Food to Start Fall Off Right! posted at Dazzle Dog Delight Blogs.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Puppy Love posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Matteo Cirami presents Easy To Follow Puppy House Training Schedule posted at Puppy Potty Training Lessons.

Matteo Cirami presents All The Crate Training Puppy Tips You Need posted at Puppy Potty Training Lessons.

Ryan Wegman presents Wotan Plunders the Petco Store | DogsHealth.com posted at Dogs Health, saying, “This is our first carnival I hope this is a success”

Jennifer presents Murphy goes to the Behaviorist posted at The Positive Dog Blog, saying, “I regularly write about dog training and dog sports.”

dolphin presents Family Addition posted at Dolphin’s Dock, saying, “Meet Zander, the newest member of the family.”

Joy Randel presents Yorkies and Shepherds and Boxers, Oh My: A Pooch Primer posted at Dazzle Dog Delight Blogs.

Tom Tessin presents How Much Does Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost? posted at Tom, saying, “Do you want to get your dog’s teeth cleaned, or maybe you’re thinking about it? See what you should set aside for a budget, as I dig deep into the specifics of pricing!”

Morgan Schwartz presents A Vaccination Guide for Omaha Pet Owners | Omaha.net posted at The Wuzzy Chronicles, saying, “Deciding on a vaccination schedule is one of the most important things a pet owner can do to help protect their pet from diseases. Dr. Finch is here to help your dog, cat, or ferret with a guide to core and non-core pet vaccinations for pets.”

Dana presents Fun and learning with a puppy playground posted at Roscommon Acres.

Pet News

Tina Sans presents 20 Unbelievable TED Talks About Animals posted at Best Universities.

Jeff Rose, CFP presents Save Your Dog Or Break the Bank – Is Pet Health Insurance Really Woof (Worth) It? posted at Jeff Rose, saying, “Do you need health insurance for your pet? I was determined to find out.”

Jennifer Lynch presents 20 Smartest Animals in the World posted at Top Online Colleges.

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