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Cats in Costumes

Some kitties are the glamorous members of the feline crowd, especially for Halloween. These cats have got some amazing costumes to show off! I laughed and giggled through most of the sites I searched to find these. I have to admit that most of these kitties don’t seem to be having much fun…

Here’s a good example, a grumpy-looking bunny:


Now, this is one cool cat:

Elton Cat

Look, Charlie Brown, it’s the Great Pumpkin Cat!


Do you know which one of the Harry Potter movies this is from? I can’t remember.

Harry Potter

Hey, look! It’s the Caped Crusader Cat!

Caped Crusader

You look fa-a-abulous, dah-ling…simply purr-fect!

Glamour Puss

This is obviously the GOOD witch cat!

Good Witch

That’s funny, I didn’t know that the Village People singing group had a cat…

Village People's Cat

I think my three kitty boys would kill me in my sleep if I ever did this to them… But it’s hilarious to see these anyway! ;-)