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Carnival of Dogs and Cats – August 25, 2010 Edition

Welcome to the August 25, 2010 edition of Carnival of Dogs and Cats. This has been totally fun for me to read all of these great posts and look at all the wonderful photos! Please share this list of articles with the pet lovers you know and be sure to submit your items in the next edition! (BTW – let’s keep these beneficial, and leave the politics out of it. Sorry If I had to delete a couple because I felt they were mean-spirited.)

VW presents Love – and a little well-timed hate – will keep us together posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland

Sidhusaaheb presents Defenceless Victims of Reckless Driving posted at I, Me, Myself.

GrrlScientist presents A Doggy Christmas Surprise posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “this streaming video is really cute — Dog lovers will especially enjoy this video even though it is a few days late.”

Animal Lovers in the News



Phoebe presents Mind Your Own Business posted at Autumn, A Senior Moment Cat.

Jason Isbell presents Cat Day | Tired Garden posted at Shabam School, saying, “Do you feed stray or feral cats? Find out why that is a good thing and what else you can do to help.”

Aahz presents Falling Feline Photos posted at Aahz Reviews Gilroy, saying, “Ever wonder how a cat always lands on its feet? These amazing photographs show exactly how it’s done.”

Kate Jones presents Snowkitten! posted at Om Shanti Handcrafts, saying, “Loiosh’s first snow! And a bunch of other random cat pics.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents First (And Last) Visit posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. [Cute poem!]

JijiN3k0 presents Chloe, the car fanatic posted at Life in Trinidad & Tobago, saying, “My sister’s cat, Chloe loves cars!”

JijiN3k0 presents Chloe posted at Life in Trinidad & Tobago, saying, “A pretty Cat!”

JijiN3k0 presents My First Post! YAAAAYY!!! :-D posted at Life in Trinidad & Tobago, saying, “Funny Kitty!”

GrrlScientist presents Snow Leopard: Winner, 2008 International Photography Contest posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “The incredibly beautiful snow leopard, Panthera uncia, is indigenous to the mountains of Central Asia. Their dense coats and snowshoe-like paws are ideally suited for their cold, dry, rocky native environment.”

Suanne presents I Can Has Proofburgers? posted at I Think My Cat Is An Alien, saying, “I Think My Cat Is An Alien is a new, humorous blog that tries to explain why cats do the things they do.” [Good luck...sounds like a tall order! ;-) ]

Shelley Sturgeon presents Taming the tiny beast « E-sense posted at E-sense, saying, “I wrote this posting nearly two years ago when we were domesticating feral kittens. We ultimately did catch a third kitten, and the mother. Sadly, the mother was euthanized by our local SPCA as despite our best efforts, she remained feral. The three kittens, however, were eventually adopted through the SPCA after we fostered them. I think this posting might be helpful to others trying to domesticate feral kittens.”


Kevin presents Airedale Terrier by Breeds of Dog – Dog Breeds Info posted at Dog Breeds, saying, “Some info for people interested in the airedale terrier”

Ernesto Maitim presents How to Start a Pet Sitting Business: Here are Some Useful Tips posted at Pinoy Pet Blog.

Karen Shanley presents Considering a Dog From Rescue? Note to Adopters posted at Karen Shanley.

Nishadha presents How to cure yeast infection in dogs naturally posted at Yeast Infection in Dogs.

The Pet Chatter presents Animal Communication: Do dogs protect children? posted at Pet Chatter, saying, “Dogs, children and a tribute to a special dobie boy who more than earned it.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Puppy Love posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Kevin presents Potty Training Your Puppy posted at Dog Breeds, saying, “How to potty train your puppy so that you don’t have to do cleanup.”

Jason Rusch presents Some Interesting Facts About Boxer Dogs posted at Boxer Dog Training Information.

marjorie presents Max Deserves a Present TOO! posted at Green Thinking Blog, saying, “Your family pet brings so much joy throughout the year, and they have a big job acting as your confidant, counselor, and friend; don’t forget to get them a present this holiday season.”

JijiN3k0 presents Mimiko, ramblings about another family member… posted at Life in Trinidad & Tobago.

Vickie Sloderbeck presents Belly Bands for Puppies — Sidetracked Moms posted at Sidetracked Moms.

GrrlScientist presents Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): The Dachshund Song posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “This silly video is all about Dachshunds .. it includes a song, too”

Daniel Abraham presents Dog Training - brought to you by Daniel Abraham posted at Train Your Beloved Dog To Obey You, saying, “It is essential to have a dog that knows how to follow the right rules and how to live around your house.”

Sibyl White presents Sibylline Secrets: Rescue Dogs posted at Sibylline Secrets.

How to Express Your Dog’s Anal Gland from the Outside | posted at FaithAllen, saying, “Every responsible owner should learn how to express dog’s anal gland. This article teaches you how to do it from the outside with a few simple steps.”

Morgan Schwartz presents Heartworm Disease and Omaha Pets posted at The Wuzzy Chronicles, saying, “Heartworm disease commonly affects pets in hot, humid areas. However, post-Katrina, the rules for heartworm disease prevention changed. Surprised? Learn why, plus how often your pet needs to be tested, and what preventative, year-round steps can be taken.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents A Dog Of A Limerick posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Pet Foods

Ernesto Maitim presents Canned and Dry Dog Food: Cost of Feeds vs Pet Food Quality posted at Pinoy Pet Blog.

Ernesto Maitim presents Home Made Dog Diet – Assuring Only the Best Food for Our Pets posted at Pinoy Pet Blog.

Pet News

GrrlScientist presents Ten Tips to Keep Your Pet Birds Safe This Holiday Season posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “[not sure if this is appropriate but i think it is a very valuable reminder for everyone with pets] Holidays mean celebrating with friends and family, but what about our pet birds? How can we keep them safe? This public reminder includes a photograph of one of my pet birds for you to enjoy!” [Cute!]

Gary R. presents King Snakes | Snake Tips, How To’s and Snake Videos | posted at Snake Care, saying, “King snakes are good pets for beginning snake owners, being good natured and gentle”

P.L. Frederick presents Dogs Respond To Recent Study Announcing Dogs Possess Sense Of Fairness posted at Small and Big, saying, “A fun follow-up to recent news, from a canine’s perspective.”

Patricia Oaklief presents How to volunteer for a Disaster Animal Response Team posted at Amigram (Free Online Announcements) Blog, saying, “Post describes the steps required for joining the Humane Society’s Animal Rescue Team. Also lists other organizations where you can volunteer to help animals during disasters.”

Patricia Oaklief presents Emergency personnel preparing themselves to help our pets during disasters posted at Amigram (Free Online Announcements) Blog, saying, “Post describes how emergency personnel around the country are preparing themselves to help our pets during emergencies.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Dogs and Cats using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

What is a Social Network Anyway?

Have you wondered what the term “Social Network” means? You’re not alone. It’s a phrase we hear often, but many still don’t really know what it means. I found a very useful description online that should help explain it all:


My Blogging Competition

Well, it looks like I have some pretty tough competition for writing about cats & dogs. Who better to know what cats are up to than a cute gray cat? I love this photo!

Cats in Costumes

Some kitties are the glamorous members of the feline crowd, especially for Halloween. These cats have got some amazing costumes to show off! I laughed and giggled through most of the sites I searched to find these. I have to admit that most of these kitties don’t seem to be having much fun…

Here’s a good example, a grumpy-looking bunny:


Now, this is one cool cat:

Elton Cat

Look, Charlie Brown, it’s the Great Pumpkin Cat!


Do you know which one of the Harry Potter movies this is from? I can’t remember.

Harry Potter

Hey, look! It’s the Caped Crusader Cat!

Caped Crusader

You look fa-a-abulous, dah-ling…simply purr-fect!

Glamour Puss

This is obviously the GOOD witch cat!

Good Witch

That’s funny, I didn’t know that the Village People singing group had a cat…

Village People's Cat

I think my three kitty boys would kill me in my sleep if I ever did this to them… But it’s hilarious to see these anyway! ;-)

A Truly Heroic Dog!

I saw this on the news and knew immediately that I had to write about it. When the family’s house was on fire, this wonderful dog stayed by the side of a box containing four little kittens until someone came to rescue them. What an amazing act of heroism!

It makes me want to cry to see the dog licking the little kittens he saved. Get your tissues ready and watch this:

What’s in Our Pets’ Food?

I know most pet owners were as upset and scared as I was when we first started hearing about the melamine that was in some of the pet foods on the market. And it seemed like every day another brand was being put on the danger list. Cats and dogs were dying from the contaminated foods and all I could think of was what would I do if my pets were eating the bad foods.

I talked to my veterinarian about the foods and started being even more careful about the brands I buy for my boys, but I still have my doubts about what is in the foods. They could be putting anything in the foods…the US government doesn’t regulate the ingredients in pet foods!

I don’t know about you, but I was completely shocked when I found that out. And to prove my point, here’s a recent news item from the CBS early show that explains the problem:

I guess until the government decides that pets are as important as people when it comes to food, I’ll have to buy the special brands for my four-legged babies. But to me, they are definitely worth it!

My New Baby – Isn’t He Beautiful?

This is my new baby Rufus. He’s a collie and he’s so incredibly sweet and well behaved, even though he’s just 2 months old. He’s got one blue eye and one brown eye.  I hope you enjoy his pictures!